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While we would consider offers on any of our animals, we only have a few females officially for sale. The females below are priced to sell as they do not have the fibre characteristics required for our breeding goals, but they do have solid genetic backgrounds, and improvements in future generations is likely. If you are looking for elite females please contact us as we may have some that meet your requirements.

Snow Queen

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Establo Snow Queen (S) W
DOB: 17/02/2010
SIRE: Premier Fernando (S) LF
GRAND SIRE: Cedar House Woolmaker 2 (S) LF
GRAND DAM: Benleigh Dancing Queen (S) W
DAM: Cedar House Fair Queen (S) W
GRAND SIRE: Cedar House Brave Heart (S) W
GRAND DAM: Cedar House Beauty Queen (S) W
COLOUR: Solid White
SALE PRICE: $3000 3-in1-package

Establo Snow Queen has solid genetics on both sides, with Auzengate on her Sire's side and Purrumbete Inti on her Dam's side. Snow Queen has a solid confirmation and a dense fleece, but lacks lustre, crimp and softness required for elite breeding, and this is reflected in the sale price. This is a 3-in-1 package as Snow Queen is currently pregnant to Establo Salvator, and the sale price includes her female cria at foot (Establo Alexandria).


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Establo Alexandria (S) LF
DOB: 20/12/2016
SIRE: Establo Salvator (S) W
GRAND SIRE: Forestglen Rameses (S) LF
GRAND DAM: Establo Serafina (S) W
DAM: Establo Snow Queen (S) W
GRAND SIRE: Premier Fernando (S) W
GRAND DAM: Cedar House Fair Queen (S) W
COLOUR: Solid Light Fawn

Alexandria is only a few weeks old but is growing well and has a lovely light fawn fleece which is much softer than her dam's and half sister (Establo Sansa) first fleece. She is being sold as a cria at foot in a 3-in-1 package with Establo Snow Queen.


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Establo Sansa (S) W 2-in-1 Package
DOB: 31/01/2013
SIRE: Establo Bilbo Baggins (S) W
GRAND SIRE: ILR Fiber's Brutus ILR (S) W
GRAND DAM: Cedar Houe Audrey Jane (S) W
DAM: Establo Snow Queen (S) W
GRAND SIRE: Premier Fernando (S) LF
GRAND DAM: Cedar House Fair Queen (S) W
COLOUR: Solid White

Sansa has been mated for the first time this season and is pregnant to Establo Salvator. She is a well conformed 4-year-old female with solid genetics. She is out of Establo Snow Queen and while there is a slight improvement in her fleece characteristics from her dam, her fleece is not soft enough for our breeding programme (25.1). Her solid genetic background and price make her suitable for new breeders wishing to upgrade their herd.