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EL-PACA Collection
Alpaca is one of the rarest of the natural textile fibres. It is exquisitely soft, supremely warm and exceptionally light, yet incredibly resilient. Alpaca is a prized luxurious, sustainable and eco-friendly natural fibre. When we first started in the alpaca industry in 2004 our main focus was to breed quality fibre animals. However, we also realised we wanted to show case how special the fibre was - not only because of how incredibly soft it felt, but because of how warm it was to wear. We decided the best way to showcase alpaca fibre was by creating 100% alpaca products that were made exclusively from superfine alpaca yarn. This led to the creation of EL-PACA. While the alpaca fibre industry has grown over the years, it isn't in a position to mass produce superfine yarn. To achieve this we have had fibre processed in craft mills, which have enabled us to control the quality of the fibre that goes into our product. We have also sourced experienced craftspeople to produce our range of product. Most of the fibre in our product is from our farm, but we also purchase quality superfine alpaca fibre from breeders throughout New Zealand.

We use natural, or occasionally naturally dyed alpaca yarn, offering a unique and distinctive collection of subtly beautiful patterns and shades for the truly discerning client. Our focus is on quality, paying close attention to every detail. Our range is continually evolving as we strive to create unique and exquisite items befitting of this fabulous fibre. All of our collection is either hand woven or hand machine-knitted by local crafts people.

Matching sets and different size/colours can be made to order. Please enquire.